Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Public Gardens Day 2011

I'm constantly finding what I choose to dwell on is being manifested for me very quickly these days, sometimes to my dismay and other times to my delight.  When I connect the dots from my thought to its manifestation it becomes apparent cleaning up my thoughts is good idea.

This is exactly why the World Lens is all about finding what's right in the world and highlighting it.

Today I stumbled across a little known event happening tomorrow.  It is the 3rd Annual National Public Gardens Day.  This day was organized by the American Public Gardens Association and Rain Bird to promote the importance of public gardens in the community. They would like to promote and educate the public on environmental stewardship, seasonal considerations, geographic considerations and, of course, plant and water conservation.

This year the NPGD has teamed up with Better Homes and Gardens who are offering a free admission coupon to a participating garden in your area. You can click the link above to download your coupon.

Any attempt to promote awareness and care of this beautiful planet is enthusiastically encouraged by me so no prizes for guessing where I'll be tomorrow morning with my camera......

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