Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Clean Slate

"You have to begin to tell the story of your life

 as you now want it to be 

and discontinue the tales of how it been

or how it is now"
                                                                      - Abraham Hicks

Someone posted this quote on Face Book the other day.  Of all the many little quotes that scroll endlessly past each day, this one stood out.  Isn't it funny how you can hear the same message in dozens of different forms but somehow it doesn't 'fizz' until the mind is open to receive it?  At least, this is the way it is with me.

This morning I woke up to an exquisitely beautiful feather down blanket of snow all around.  Even before the sun came up my dog and I were out frolicking like a pair of kids in fairy dust.  I'm sure it's now apparent that I don't get much snow where I live.

With the Abraham Hicks quote still simmering in the back of my mind  I gradually came to the realisation that this snow was a perfect metaphor for a clean slate.  Yesterday is buried and I can begin to tell my story as I now want it to be.  Everyday I have this choice, but so often I get entwined in yesterday's dramas that story of my 'life as I now want it to be' is left to default.  I can clearly see this is not how I want to continue operating my life.

But I have a choice.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Being Open to Opportunity Is One Thing

Being ready to act on it is quite another.

That is the message I received today as I strolled through my much loved local park.  As is usual for me I had my camera and my dog, and, as is also usual for me, I get my best insights when I have the camera to my eye.  This park I frequent, Covington Park, is adjoining the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, a world renown birding site, so there's always a great chance rare birds can be seen in this dog friendly park next door.  I was inviting whoever wanted to show up to pose for me as I walked along.  I saw a Red Tail Hawk in the distance, too far away to photograph, but so thrilling to watch as it soared, dived and circled.

My dog and I slowly wended our way back to the parking lot enjoying the shade of the bare cottonwoods when I was urged to glance up.  A beautiful Red Tail Hawk was gliding in to land right above me!  It's glorious red tail was glowing like embers in the setting sun as it braced itself for landing.  I had inadvertently wandered under the very tree in which it was building its nest. By the time I saw the hawk and snapped a couple of pictures it was too close to me for the lens I was using.

Red Tail Hawk bringing in nesting material.

Mmmm...there's one stick poking me in the you-know-what....

There was my message: when I send an invitation to the Universe stay awake for the the answer!
Getting the camera up and getting the picture would help, too.  Of course, it wasn't lost on me that this is a good philosophy for most aspects of my life, too.

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