Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Switching Trees

 "it's an ill wind that blows nobody good"

I've always prided myself on having loyalty and integrity.  It seems lately, though, I've really had to reconsider exactly what loyalty means to me. 

Being loyal to my family, my friends and my place of employment are codes of conduct I've embraced all my life.  Lately it has been dawning on my that perhaps I've been leaving out a very important part of the equation:  Loyalty to myself, my own inner promptings.

As I've been mulling over a situation in my life of late I have really made me aware of the contradictions in my belief system.  I was being challenged whether I was going to go with the conditioning of the tribe or the urgings of my heart - loyalty to the tribe or try something different.

Quite appropriately we've had a huge windstorm here a couple of days ago and it seemed my inner turmoil was matched only by the outer turmoil, and when the wind finally settled the answer came, as it usually does, from the World, through my Lens.

 Palm Springs Library taking a hit.

I drove around the neighbourhood, being re-routed on several occasions, noticing all those beautiful trees that had been blown down by the 70mph winds. Strong, robust, seemingly invincible eucalyptus, the aromatic pines and the luxurious English evergreens laying on their sides a-waiting the chainsaws.  The tall slender palms, however, had swayed their way through the worst of the winds and were still standing.

There was my answer.  I can stand strong and rigid in the face of adversity, like I've always done, and risk getting face planted like those trees, or try something different.  How about I stay grounded and be flexible to the breezes of life just like those palms?

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Angel on the Mountain

On the west end of California's  Coachella Valley, gracing the steep slopes of Mount San Jacinto above Palm Springs, is the unique rock formation known as the Angel on the Mountain.  It is visible, when you know where to look, of course, from a great distance and adds credence to the belief of many that the Coachella Valley is a sacred and spiritual area.

Even the name, Coachella, has some spiritual history behind it.  Some believe the word is derived from the Spanish word, caracola, meaning conch shell.  After all, many years ago the valley was at the bottom of the Salton Sea and as the water receded conch shells were exposed.  Others believe the word predates the Spanish Explorers and is, in fact, an Indian word meaning hand of God.

No-one knows who first noticed the Angel, though I imagine the original inhabitants, the Cahuilla Indians, were aware of it, and the Spanish Explorers also.  At the turn of the twentieth century white settlers to the area were building their dwellings facing the Angel.  Perhaps for good reason as the Coachella Valley is also well known for have the infamous San Andreas Fault-line running the length of the valley.  Now that is a story for another day.

The stone formation of the angel with it's wings spread out it directly above the word 'Angel'.
I've added a closer up view.  Unfortunately the pictures aren't of the quality I'd like as the mountain is huge and my lens only moderate, so I've had to crop quite aggressively to be able to see the figure.

The figure is to the left of the word this time.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Enter 2012

A beautiful orange sunrise confidently announced the arrival of the new year.  A rich, saturated orange - the orange of the sacral chakra, the chakra of creativity, of joy, of enthusiasm.

And yet, at every moment we are free to choose creativity, joy and enthusiasm.  We don't have to wait for the new year to restructure our lives.  Our power to create the life we choose is always in the present moment.  This moment! Right now!

This glorious sunrise was another reminder to me from the World, through my Lens, that I have all the tools I need to create the life I want one moment at a time for I am part of the Divine Creator.

And so are you.