Wednesday, July 27, 2011

“It is Never too Little ….

even when the task seems absolutely daunting”.

That is the message the World presented to me though my Lens today.
The beautiful patch of desert that is now my home is quite close to a town, and unfortunately illegal dumping of trash seems to be the name of the game.  Vast acres of once pristine desert has been liberally dredged with trash.  Very disheartening, I thought.

The World, however, had a different take on it.  This morning as I was walking earlier than usual I came across my neighbors diligently bagging up trash.  When I commented on it they told me that every day when walking they gathered up stray trash and placed debris in piles along the trail, then on trash pick-up morning they hauled their piles out to a pick up point.
Now there are three of us gathering trash each day.

the beginning of another trash cache
One of the trails requiring attention.

I am linking this to as my Nature Notes  for the week.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's a Wide World Out There

My blogging has been by the wayside for a while now. Its just a fledgling little blog and my life got a little complicated, so it just didn't seem to matter.

Or did it?

The World had an interesting message for me this week: my life isn't just all about me!  Yes, I laugh when I hear this phrase, however, we are all connected in ways that really are unfathomable from our simple 3-D perspective.  The truth is I cannot ever know just how my actions are going to affect others, no matter where they are, so it really does pay to be mindful.

My little blog with it's 15 followers is reaching people of the far side of the world who I didn't even know used computers, and the message the World had for me was meaningful to them, too.

This one is for you, Jen, and thank you so much for visiting here.