Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rare Experiences and Rapid Repairs

"Bringing to light what's right in the world" is the feeling that has inspired the creation of this blog.

Today those rays of light shone brightly in an unexpected area: Ultimate Motors in Yucca Valley! 

I am new here, and my older car, while usually very reliable, began reminding me it needed some attention to the radiator.  Knowing word of mouth is the best advertisement I canvased anyone I came across who's car, er, appeared to have long out lived it's manufacturer's warranty, and asked where they had it serviced.  The same name kept coming up so when my Camry started running a little too hot I gave Ultimate Motors a call.

I now have a new radiator and I'm radiantly happy and, no, it's not because I have money to throw away.  Nope, something a whole lot better. I had the rare luxury of a pleasant experience at an auto repair shop.  Those boys diagnosed the problem, gave me a reasonable estimate, and then....drum roll, please ... fixed another problem I'd not noticed, completed the work more rapidly than they'd anticipated and came in under the estimate!!

Yes, there is always some good to be found in this world and if I can spread it I will. 

Roxy is relieved to have her ride back.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Desert: An Experience in Polarities

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Isaac Newton figured this out years ago, but I seem to need regular reminders.  It is too easy for me to get bogged down by over thinking the details in life and forget that there's also the opposite - allow it to be easy.

While walking this morning I stood on quite an impressive cactus.  Impressive in that it had the ability to go right through the sole of my shoe, bringing me down to earth abruptly.

I took this picture while precariously balanced on one foot.
 I could have used this less than pleasant experience to be hyper vigilant and keep my eyes down for the rest of my walk.  It probably would have been quite a sensible thing to do, really, at least until I was through the worst of the cactus area. 

However, had I been more than moderately cautious I would have missed this beauty about eight feet above my head.

A species of Columnar cactus.

My question to myself this morning is whether I want play it safe or aim for the stars, or perhaps, find some safe middle ground?  No, I'm not liking any of those options.  Too limiting.

How about aiming for the stars and knowing every so often I may be brought to earth, but knowing I don't have to stay there?  That feels better.

What would you do?  How do you feel about these options?

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Of course, my favourite photo of the week in the flower not the prickly footwear :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moving at the Speed of Spring

Spring in the desert.

Amazing. Beautiful. Surprising. Rapid.

The cactus is the most surprising.  For 364 days of the year it looks like this:

Hedgehog Cactus

A lovely species, but not particularly colorful or welcoming.  It seems quite self contained, requiring very little from its environment, however, it is carefully awaiting the opportunity to spring to life for just one day......well, more accurately, each flower lasts for the duration of the day.  Within in a day or two the cactus shuts down this beautiful, delicate magenta display for the year.  Often longer than a year if the climactic conditions haven't proved to be ideal.

It really didn't take much for me to figure out what the World wanted me to notice this time: when the conditions are right move fast.  Take advantage of the moment, don't hesitate and give it everything I've got.  Life never seems to offer us just one opportunity, but it may be a while before the next one rolls around.

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