Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moving, Moving, Moving

It's been quite a year for me and I'm not yet half way through it.  Oh, my!

Once again I'm settling into a new home. There has been plenty of opportunity for me to go down "Freak Out Lane" as this is my forth home since January.  Plans are made, then they disintegrate before my eyes; what seems solid proves to be an illusion, so walking the path of faith and gratitude seems to be what I'm required to do, at least for the moment.

As always, the World is communicating with me through my Lens - when I take time to notice, of course!  It's been very interesting as I haven't had a regular internet connection, and so without the distraction that goes with internet surfing, I'm finding myself being grounded and in the present moment.  Paying attention to the moment and being grateful to friends, family and circumstances in my life.

Sundown in the desert.

Mesquite flowers

Chilling in the park

Chilling in the stream
Right now, the only 'now' I have, the World shows me all is well in my world.