Friday, August 5, 2011

The Law of Least Effort

It's been quite the year of not-so-much-fun events for me this year. 

I've had plenty of opportunities to grow as each new challenge dropped unexpectedly into my lap from seemingly a great height, bringing with it a new set of situations I have to find a way of dealing with.  I know that I'm not the only one and I truly feel for those whose situations seem to be an unrelenting grind of exaggerated proportions.

It seems to me, though, that when I can take time to quieten myself down after each broadside the World does offer a teaching, or simply just an alternative way of looking at the situation.  Yesterday, after the latest upheaval, I was sitting quietly re-reading that classic book of Dr Deepak Chopra's "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" looking for some inspiration.  As I was reading the Law of Least Effort I noticed some movement in the bushes outside my window.  Some little rodent was in the bush.  I'd seen glimpses of it before but as soon as it felt my eyes on it it instantly disappeared.  It occurred to me that I would borrow  Deepak's law and see if I could get a picture of the little rodent, after all I don't believe in coincidences; that creature was in the bush in front of me for a reason.  I quietly and easily, without any exaggerated effort, got out of my chair, collected my camera, sat back down and looked through my Lens.   The little fella was still there and it made it quite clear that it was watching me as I was watching it, and it was not in any mood to leave until it was good and ready!

So what was different about my energy that invited the animal to share the space this time and not on other occasions?  The only difference that comes to mind is that this time I was going to take a picture of it.  On other days it was oh my gosh! Look at that! Where's my camera?... oh, never mind - it's gone already.

This was the teaching the World had for me this time.  As the famous Yoda said, there is no try.  There is only do or not do, and when I release all the drama and angst from any situation the way becomes clear, although not always easy.  The Law of Least Effort in action.

I'm not quite sure what animal this is so I'm linking this to the Nature Notes at Rambling Woods as I'm sure Michelle or someone else will identify it for me.


Cheryl Ann said...

He sure is a cutie pie!

Rambling Woods said...

I think it's a ground squirrel...we don't have them here, but I think you do where you live....