Monday, September 5, 2011

High Vibrating Ripples

When I first started this blog in January of  2010 it was my intention to draw attention to all that is right in this world.  More than ever before I'm hearing of an earthquake here, a volcanic eruption there, flooding somewhere else, political chaos and so on, until I was beginning to wonder if my little voice was making any difference at all.

I do know that it does.

Like ripples in a pond, each uplifting thought or deed radiates higher vibrations far out into the energy field of this planet doing unknowable good.  It really doesn't take much effort to notice something nice or light-hearted, and very little more to do something for another.  When I do what to me seems a fairly insignificant deed the high vibrating ripples I send out can prove to be a foil against the unrest all around me.  I will feel good, the recipient will feel better and the wave of elevated mood continues.

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when someone unexpectedly does something  for you without asking a thing in return?   I love that feeling.  I know the more I do that for others the more that will happen to me.  I can't change the world but I can change my world.

Update 2011-09-03Immediately after posting this yesterday I grabbed my dogs and took them out for a walk and as luck would have it I hadn't got far when one of them started hobbling badly.  I noticed a large piece of cholla cactus attached to her heel.  Those are the worst cactus to get caught up in as they  are a round spiky barbed ball therefore very difficult to remove by hand.  As I was attending the dog (and getting myself speared) I heard a voice asking if I needed some tweezers.  A woman was trimming her hedge on the far side of the what seemed like a solid 8 feet tall wall of fiscus completely out of sight to me, and yet there she was offering assistance!  Not only did she produce a solid business like pair of tweezers out of thin air, she also asked that I bring the piece of cactus to her for proper disposal ensuring no one else got injured.  Now this is what I mean by a mood enhancing event.

*note to self: always carry your swiss army knife on walks and/or an old fashioned hair comb to slide between the skin and the cactus to lift it out.


jane said...

What a caring blog - written from the heart - and so very true -
I must ask are those a type of crow or a dipper in your header- it is a lovely picture

Barb said...

Hi Jane,
The birds are little blackbirds I am almost sure. They are so common around here that they're taken for granted and no one is quite sure what they are!! I'm still getting confirmation on that. The one on the left is an adult while the one on the right is a juvenile.
Thanks for visiting.