Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good Deeds and Gourmet Hot Chocolate

I was at my favorite cafe the other day catching up on an early morning coffee and bagel before moving on with my day.  As usual, it was quite quiet at that hour with only a few leisurely diners, so I had time to observe the interaction between one of the servers and a regular patron.

As the server was returning to the kitchen he beckoned her over and began telling her what a great job she was doing, and that every time he had been into the restaurant her service had been thoughtful and attentive.  He wanted to aknowledge her in some way.  This was genuine sounding, not a 'hit-on'.  The server told him he could call the number on the bottom of the receipt and make any comment he wanted.

I was smiling as I left the restaurant.  The man was holding the receipt in one hand and had his cell phone to his ear with the other as I walked out the door.  That server will now have a permanent positive comment on her work record.   It really doesn't take very much to make a difference in someone's life, but it doesn't stop there.  The patron was happy, as was the server, her manager, me and anyone else we came into contact with. You see, everyone benefits of our good feelings.  We can't possibly know what good a single, seemingly insignificant act can do. Now that's better than a gourmet hot chocolate!


jane said...

Yes - it only takes a moment to make a difference - I must say that cuo of hot chocolate looks good Jane UK

Anonymous said...

Once again, Barb, a great commentary and obversation. It only takes a moment to make a positive difference. We all have that power to shift the world. Namaste, Patti

Kerri said...

What a wonderful post! And I agree - the more positive and uplifting we can be - the more positive and uplifting the WORLD is!! Joy delights in Joy!
And that Hot Choco looks YUMMY!

jhopes70 said...

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Just Ramblin' said...

One moment, any moment does indeed make a change. : )