Sunday, February 5, 2012

'Inviting' verses 'Capturing'

I was sitting in the warm sun on my patio this morning with my coffee beside me. My camera was poised in my lap as I idly watched the wild birds engaging in their a.m rituals.  Hoping one of them would come close enough to allow me to take a picture, I sat quite still. Quietly I began pondering why I have always been vaguely disturbed by using the word 'capture' when referring to getting that opportunistic shot.  It's certainly not as if I'm harming anything, I would only be capturing a fleeting moment in time, and yet I prefer to think of it as 'inviting' the critter to 'allow' me to take the shot.  Why was that?

A cactus wren moved in close and allowed me to take several pictures of it as it contemplated whether to chance grabbing stray crumbs from the dogs' bowls within 15 feet of my chair.

As I watched the wren came to the decision that breakfast was a viable option. 

We both got it!!

The wren got food and I got understanding.  For me, before a capture there must be a chase or a hunt.  That energy of competition doesn't sit well with me and I'm sure, because of this, the animals and birds I'm trying to 'capture' will also pick up on that energy and move away.  Oh sure, I set an intention to come home with some pleasing shots, and then I just let go of expectations and invite subject matter to materialize.  I'm usually not disappointed.

This is exactly the message the World had for me today, confirmed by these bonus shots I was offered just  as I got up to move inside:

That little wren felt safe enough to invite it's partner close to that annoying clicking camera.  I've never had the opportunity get a photo of the pair of them before. I am honoured.

Linked to SOOC Sunday, for Straight Out of the Camera Sunday.  All pictures have been cropped slightly and the two bottom ones sharpened slightly.

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jane said...

What brilliant shots - the colours and sharpness of the pics are amazing - what a pretty little bird - we have wrens - they are very tiny - mainly brown with white speckles and a little upright tail-quite secretive but entertaining to watch - Jane UK

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful photos.

Regards and best wishes

Barb said...

Thanks Jane and Tatjana. The cactus wrens here are fairly large. Bigger than sparrows and finches but perhaps not as large as a dove.
These guys aren't at all secretive, either. In fact, they are quite bold.

Anonymous said...

Oh Barb So wonderful those wrens.... card please

Patti said...

Barb, once again, thanks for the brilliant photos and words of wisdom. I love your take on the difference between 'capture' and 'invite'. Indeed, when I faciliage a guided imagery or meditation with someone, I always say, "I invite you to see...." How beautiful to always have a choice. And indeed, we all need that personal empowerment to know we always have a choice; a choice about anything. Namaste, Patti

Leora said...

What tiny sweet birds. I see you write they are big - so why do they appear tiny to us? Great captures.

An English Shepherd said...

Great pictures

Larry said...

These are gorgeous opportunistic shots of the Cactus Wrens Barb! That bottom left photo of one partner looking at the other is priceless and especially beautiful!