Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rare Experiences and Rapid Repairs

"Bringing to light what's right in the world" is the feeling that has inspired the creation of this blog.

Today those rays of light shone brightly in an unexpected area: Ultimate Motors in Yucca Valley! 

I am new here, and my older car, while usually very reliable, began reminding me it needed some attention to the radiator.  Knowing word of mouth is the best advertisement I canvased anyone I came across who's car, er, appeared to have long out lived it's manufacturer's warranty, and asked where they had it serviced.  The same name kept coming up so when my Camry started running a little too hot I gave Ultimate Motors a call.

I now have a new radiator and I'm radiantly happy and, no, it's not because I have money to throw away.  Nope, something a whole lot better. I had the rare luxury of a pleasant experience at an auto repair shop.  Those boys diagnosed the problem, gave me a reasonable estimate, and then....drum roll, please ... fixed another problem I'd not noticed, completed the work more rapidly than they'd anticipated and came in under the estimate!!

Yes, there is always some good to be found in this world and if I can spread it I will. 

Roxy is relieved to have her ride back.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Barb good to know. Gala

Roger Owen Green said...

a good REPAIR place is a godsend
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Joy said...

A garage that lives up to its name. Sounds like a great find.
Joy - ABC Team

ChrisJ said...

What a very nice upbeat blog. Love Roxie -- looks a bit like my Rip who is now RIP.