Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gratitude and Platitudes

A joyful in-the-moment kinda guy.

Thanksgiving 2010 is one I'll be remembering for a while.

I learned that my being in gratitude can simply be another politically correct platitude.  Something I can parrot with the best of them.  The World had a message about gratitude for me these past few days, and quite a hard-hitting message it was.

My much loved dog came down with an intestinal disorder about a week before Thanksgiving and after the second trip to the vet I realized this wasn't necessarily going to be an easy fix.  There also loomed the possibility that there wouldn't be any fix at all.  I quickly came to the understanding of just how difficult it can be to stay out of fear and be in gratitude, the very thing we seemed to be asked to do a lot in these trying times.

Finally, as of last night, Fuzzy got his spark back and this morning he is close to normal again.

A special thanks to a vet who cared so much about Fuzzy as to call me for a progress report on Thanksgiving morning.


patti said... glad to hear about Fuzzy's miraculous recovery...indeed, gratitude is looking through the lens of fear and seeing the beauty........Namaste, Patti

An English Shepherd said...

Lovely post & pic

Wizz :-)

Betty Jo said...

Barb I'm so glad your doggie is okay. Such a beautiful message in your post. ♥