Sunday, October 31, 2010

Following the Dream

Lately I've been noticing a lot of moving and restructuring in the lives of several of my friends and also in the lives of a lot of acquaintances.  I've been feeling a few rumblings in my life, too.  It seems that heavens and the Earth are demanding something from us.  I feel I, for one, am being asked to grow.  Become more of who I can be.  I have observed that those who are throwing caution to the winds and are embracing this urge for change are finding themselves in much better situations than the one they just left - albeit with their heads still spinning.  Following the dream has paid big dividends for at least one good friend. 

Some of those around me are resisting the urge to grow, me included in some ways, and they are struggling somewhat.  I've observed fortune is favouring the bold, so, to quote one of my bold friends, it's time to hang on to my tail cos I'm going for a ride!!


patti said...

Barb, a picture tells a thousand words. The story that must be behind that "for rent" sign, indeed. The universe is trying to get our attention, changes are coming, and physical moves are part of it for many. If we follow the Sufi philosophy of SHOW UP, and PAY ATTENTION (which we're all trying to do) and then TELL THE TRUTH (again, we're all doing "our work" to know and share that truth) then and only then, can we move forward with all the universe has to offer and DON'T BE ATTACHED TO THE OUTCOME. Namaste, Patti

Stephanie McGee said...

Sometimes you have to just take that step in faith and act on the thoughts. I did and it could end up paying big, too. Good luck!

An English Shepherd said...

Pastures new ?