Monday, March 21, 2011

Dog Rescue

I was out driving the country roads over the weekend and came across a truck stopped on the side of the road with the driver and one other attempting to lure a little dog close enough for them to catch it.  As I pulled up another car stopped and it's driver came to the aid of the first couple.  The first driver produced some scraps of food left over from his lunch and the second conjured a dog leash from somewhere.  Other cars came slowly by and were quick to offer to help also, but it wasn't necessary as fairly quickly the little stray was cinched up in the leash and was in the arms of caring rescuers.

It was interesting to observe the interaction between the rescuers once the dog was secured.  They all wanted to give the dog a home!!  Eventually the mutt of mixed fortunes went home with the family with the food, and everyone who had come together for the common good of a helpless dog dispersed to follow their own agendas once more.

It encourages me to know that while most people are under more pressure than perhaps any time in recent history, they can still set aside their concerns  long enough to step out to help a needy creature and then want continue it's ongoing care. 

I have to wonder who's rescuing who here?


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patti said...

Indeed, who's rescuring who? In a world of peace, we're all here to give and receive equally; to rescue those in need and then, allow others to rescue us. Namaste, Patti