Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wading Through Weeds

It's been a while since I've posted here and it isn't because the World hasn't had a few things for me to look at.  In fact, quite the contrary.  Every which way I look lately there has been something new for me to assimilate - or choke on.  It seems I've gotten myself lost, and although the World's Lens is clear and sharp, my eye is foggy and confused. 

I finally had to laugh at myself the other day when I was walking the dogs through a vibrant field of weeds down the end of my street.  The weeds were taller than the dog in a lot of areas and there was just no way he could see where he was going.  It dawned on me that this was exactly the situation I was in!

I thought I would allow him to lead and see what he'd do.  That bold little fellow just picked a direction and kept moving.  Oh, he stopped and sniffed the air a few times, but then just ploughed on through the growth until we reached the edge of the field where the way then became easy, of course.

What I found even more enlightening was noticing what he didn't do.  He didn't stop.  He didn't sit on his rear and wait for me to take over, and he certainly didn't panic, either.  He just put his head down and waded his way through those weeds until he was out in open.

I think it is time I tore a page from Fuzzy's book.  It is time to put my head down and keep moving through the obstacles until I can see where I'm going again.


Cheryl Ann said...

Good to hear from you! Yes, keep going! Don't stop! You deserve it and you deserve to be happy! Listen to your dog!

Anonymous said...


patti said...

Barb, as always, great photos and great commentary. What a marvelous metaphor for all of us on our own personal journey wading through the weeds of life. Namaste, Patti

An English Shepherd said...

Great picure :-)

Of a happy discovering dog