Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Tenacity of a Mesquite - Nature Notes 20110420

Mesquite on Sunrise Street, Palm Springs
Sometimes circumstances throw curve balls at us.  Who hasn't had one of those?  Some may even consider we are currently all facing a global curve ball. 

For me every day brings something different, not always bad, often it's good, but it all requires assimilating.  It seems as though I am being tested on a whole lot of levels: am I going to trust that I am safe and that everything will work out for my best and highest good, and the highest good of those around me, or will I succumb to that overwhelming fear many are facing.  It's not easy trying to anticipate what's happening next and how I'm going to deal with it - whatever 'it' is.  As I was pondering the quirks of fate and the unknowingness of it all the vision of an ancient Mesquite tree I'd seen recently popped into my mind.

Look at this old girl!  She's been broken, she's been twisted, she's been hacked with a chainsaw, and she's even been down, but still she prevails.  The tortured limbs are still able to send up fresh green shoots. This old mesquite has been through more than I'll ever know but she's not succumbing to her 'story'.  Once again the World brought me back into balance through my Lens.  I trust I will never have to go through what this old tree has been through.  No, I'll just keep sending up new shoots and not look back.

Nature Notes for this week.


Rambling Woods said...

Oh good post...I can relate totally to this.. hopefully I can keep pushing up those shoots too...Michelle

Jasmine said...

Great post. Glad to hear your challenges are not this drastic. Have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine x

Suzi Smith said...

Mmm... i'm often amazed at how the shoots appear from trees that 'should' be destroyed... keep pushing up those shoots yourself!

Jedediah said...

That is one hardy tree that just doesn't give up. I always rescue plants other people throw away and in most cases, they will come back to life just fine.

patti said...

I was with you when you took these photos. Love your commentary. May we all bring forth new life from all our twists and turns. Namaste, Patti

Anonymous said...