Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting Back to Me

It's been one of those weeks that where the challenges have bombarded me from all sides. By the end of the week self doubt was setting in heavily - I could have coped with these better....why on earth did I allow them to get away with that? could I have forgotten that? - and so on. Finally, yesterday afternoon, late as the sun was going down, I 'remembered' that I've always found solace outside in nature. In this case nature was my back yard, heaven on earth to me. Soon I received the inner promptings to go a get my camera. The World had something to say to me through the lens.

I was reluctant as I could see there was only a few minutes of decent light left but when I have a camera in my hand my thinking really does shift. With that in mind I dug it out from where it had been buried all week and these are the messages that came to me from the World thru my lens.

Catching the last of the sun's rays this black bee was high up in the flowers selecting nectar for it's hive. No self doubt there.

On the edge of the lawn commanding attention is the grand old prickly pear cactus. This year it is laden with fruit and I was reminded that nature's bounty is everywhere.

Further along with my wanderings this scruffy little bird invited my attention. I was reminded that it didn't matter how I look as God created us and values us all equally. We are not ranked according to our 'plumage'.

By now it was bordering on too dark to take a compelling picture but the World wasn't finished with me. I spotted a dove settling in for the evening on a branch safely out of reach of opportunist predators. As I gave it my attention I noticed it's mate was on a branch beside it. Doves are beautiful peaceful creatures and when I saw the two of them on different branches it occurred to me I needed to bring some balance into my thinking to create space for that peace and tranquility I'd been lacking over the week.

Feeling calmed and comforted I put those crazy thoughts to rest for the evening. This morning as I was revisiting my pictures with the thought I could use a few of them in this commentary the World sent me one last message.....

"See? There really is nothing to be concerned about! I will even scratch my chops right in front of you because there is nothing to be afraid of."

This little guy was literally right outside my office window and I was able to pluck my memory card out of the computer, throw it in the camera and take this without leaving my seat. How's that for a metaphor?


Cheryl Ann said...

What a wonderful afternoon walk! I took my uncle up with me today to the Santa Rosa Visitor Center and we just walked around their trails. We saw lots of baby lizards who ran off so quickly I couldn't get their picture! Oh, and some baby quail, who flew away when they spotted us. BUT, it was so relaxing to just get out and enjoy nature! Sometimes we all have to take the time to do this. I know when I get stressed, a desert walk does it for me. You have a lot of beauty around you!

Scooter said...

I always find such peace here in your blog. Your pictures are fascinating and I thank you so much for providing me with a little perspective. Thanks for visiting my little bit of reality. I find solace in grabbing my camera and heading out into the world as well.
Again thank you for the 'safe haven' in the hustle and bustle of life.

Bradley said...

what a day. thank you for the journey. nature never lies.

Anonymous said...


patti said...

Barb, as always, brilliant. In those quiet moments in nature, we can hear the whispers of wisdom; through the lens of our minds, we can see the beauty. Namaste, Patti

Gala said...

Barb, you are so beautiful. How good you are at seeing the signs and listening. You have attracted such a great place to live in for the moment , you dont have to go far to get your lessons.I am reminded to stop and look and recieve too. In the 'Celestine Profacy'movie it suggested if we focus intently we will see that golden aura and vivid aliveness around everything and return to the magic in the world.This happens in the breathwork but I dont allow it the time in my life enough.

Anonymous said...

I believe taking photos the way you do is a gift. Please keep it up, I sure did enjoy it and I believe God did give us Nature in the form of animals and plants to show us how beautiful His world is.

Gail said...

Your photos are stunning! We can all draw solace from Mother Nature.