Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The World had an interesting message for me this week, although I have a strong suspicion that he/she God has been hammering away at me for a very long time in attempt to get me receptive enough to hear it!

It was one of allowing.  As in letting go of trying to control situations that are not mine to control.  I have had too many responsibilities accumulating, and in my efforts to do everything well quite a few things began to slip through the cracks.  As a result I've had my load lightened i.e I've had to allow someone else take over what I was never well suited for anyway.

It has been quite challenging to watch someone else do what I have been doing in a completely different, and dare I say, 'wrong', way and allow them to do it without my interfering.  The ego has taken quite a battering, and yet when I can just allow the situation to be, (I can't change it anyway!), and let go of the outcome it's amazing how much time and energy I have to do what I do best.  I can give myself my undivided attention and stuff gets done.  What's more, I'm having fun doing it.

One of the tasks left on my to-do list is photographing all the plants on the property and cataloging them in file.  I am having so much fun with this.  I can turn my Lens on the plants and let the magic happen.
My work has become my play time.  In fact, I can even imagine I can see fairies dancing in the creosote flowers below.

It became apparent to me for perhaps the first time in my life that there are no fairy badges of honour presented to those who stubbornly persevere with joyless labour, and yet if I allow myself to yield to the nudging of the the Universe my life is so much easier, more fun and definitely more productive.

And maybe the fairies do dance, too.


Cheryl Ann said...

Barb, it is good that you have more "me" time. Sometimes we all just get too wrapped up in our jobs/careers and then we don't have time to enjoy life!

An English Shepherd said...

Great pictures :-)


Anonymous said...

Barb, as always, great photos. The world through your lens is magnificent. Allowing, indeed. As the Sufi philosophy teaches, just show up, pay attention, tell the truth, and then don't be attached to the outcome, a marvelous way of just ALLOW. Namaste, Patti