Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today in the garden several snake skins were revealed as the bushes' wild summer growth was trimmed back.   Those skins were so surreal.  There were four of them, ghostly white and when the sun hit them they glowed in quite an eerie way.

The snakes had outgrown their skins and, without much fuss or anxiety that I'm aware of, had simply discarded them and moved on with their lives.  I'm sure it must have itched a little as it came off and possibly even left the snake with a few tender spots for a day or two, but I didn't see any dead snakes entrapped in their shedding skins so all must be well in their world.

Isn't that the way it should be with us as well?   Snakes are said to transmute their forms which isn't quite the same as transform.  To transmute means to switch it up, so to speak.  To evolve in some way. I wonder just how many times have I stayed where I am, resisting the urge to evolve. Keeping myself small because I'm afraid of a little discomfort if I step forward into a more powerful version of myself.

I looked at my plants transformed from an enthusiastic tangle of branches to a tightly shaped bush ready to grow again, then looked at the snake skins.  The snakes were done with their old forms, they had transmuted into new forms.  There was no going back for them.  They were totally committed to their new lives.

I realize that is what I'm being asked to do.  This world is ready and patiently waiting for me to step into my power and live to my potential.  Living small is not helping anyone, least of all myself.  I will move forward, that's a given as nature has control, but will it be a bold and joyful transmutation or digging my heels in, kicking  and screaming.  The choice is mine.


desertsandbeyond said...

Oh, wow! Do you know what kind of snakes they were? Yes, if we all don't move forward, I guess we begin to die? Interesting post. I had to drive up to the horse ranch yesterday afternoon and I got some different pics of Deep Canyon along the way home.

Barb said...

No, I don't, but I am curious. We have garter, rattlers, king snakes and rosy boas that I've seen only the property. None of us really wanted to excavate any deeper to find out what they were, lol.

Jasmine said...

We can learn so much from nature.

Megan said...

Great photo and an interesting take on the theme. Snakes have it easier than we do in one respect - they HAVE to change. It's hard to change when you don't have to. Hard for me, anyway! :)

Lenora said...

This is a great post to contemplate - and i love that the snake skins were in your own garden! It might sound crazy and weird but i have a friend who made beautiful fairy clothes from snakes skin she found (as well as other natural bits and bobbs. Enjoyed your writing! I'm a newbie to Thurs so thank you, this is great!