Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall's Bounty

Autumn has arrived this year with more than a little fan-fare.  For the first time in 20 years the fall (or spring if you live in the southern hemisphere) equinox and the full moon arrived on the same day.  Somehow those coinciding events made the arrival of the fall more meaningful to me this year. 

I was driving through apple country looking at those beautiful ruby globes ripening on the trees.  The trees were looking a little tired and their foliage was somewhat dried up but the apples were rosy, crisp and bursting with sweetness.  The parent tree had given it's all to it's off-spring and was now ready to cut the fruit loose. Those plump apples with their seeds inside could continue to take their genetic message out in to the world.

I got the feeling that that is where our beautiful Mother Earth is at with us.  She has given us her all and is tired, polluted and dried up.  Some even believe the Earth is going through menopause now.  She's done mothering us, it's time for us to stop sucking the Mother dry and start creating our own lives.  It's an interesting philosophy and whether is stands up to closer scrutiny or not, it carries a sensible message which few could deny.

I am grateful for the bounty and beauty of this Earth.  Using my camera I give back to the Mother in the best way I know how, by encouraging others to use their gifts.  We all have them, you know.  And we can thank God, Goddess, Mother Earth for those, too.


Anonymous said...

Barb, great analogy that mother earth is perhaps going through menopause. Indeed, it is time to enjoy the fruits of her labor, and also a time to celebrate.Let's give back to mother earth all that she has given us. Be kind to earth, perhaps the best way is to stop and appreciate her glory. That would mean alot to her. Namaste, Patti

An English Shepherd said...

We have loads of Apples on our tree as well this year.

Very tastey ;-)


Barb said...

Thank you, Wizz. Fuzzy the Australian Shepherd enjoys eating the apples, too - when he's not catching up on his shut-eye, lol.