Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Cleansing Storms

The dark ominous shadows of clouds over Deep Canyon.

Over the past few days my part of the world has been deluged with unexpectedly heavy rains along with crackling lightning and deep growling thunder.  The sun and the clouds have been in vigorous competition to control the skies, one minute dark and brooding, next golden light flooding down.  I've found it exhilarating!  In the calmer moments between the downpours I wander outside and enjoy the cool moist desert with it's most unique and unforgettable odour.

The vegetation, so used to surviving in the harshest of conditions, is absorbing this life giving elixir from the heavens as fast as those cells can handle it, for who knows when the next rain will come?  Within a couple of days new growth will be evident everywhere I look.  That is the nature of the desert.

The rich saturated colours of the rain soaked landscape.
I can't help but make the connection between this desert storm and storms I've had in my life.  Whenever I've been coming down with some sort of sickness I've felt heavy and sluggish with trouble concentrating on anything.  As the condition moves through me I get to feeling worse until healing begins again.  It is the same when I'm struggling with an emotional issue.  Nothing is clear and I have no energy.  I'm stagnant. But then I come out the other side and I'm brimming with health and vitality again   My thoughts are clear, my heart is optimistic again and I have my mojo back. Stagnation gives way to new growth again.

In my world I've found every cloud does seem to have a silver lining.

A late rose blooming after the rains.


An English Shepherd said...

A nice bit of rain always clears the air :-)


Jasmine said...

Beautiful. We are affected by our environments and do tune in to it. We have been blessed with many rainbows this month.

I have linked this post to my blog. I'm looking forward to coming back and catching up with the posts I've missed xJ