Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cloudy Vision

It was late afternoon recently and I was inside finishing off few last minute chores before walking the dogs.  It got quite dark quite quickly and I, thinking it was later than it was, scrambled to get done and get out before night really set in.

On stepping outside with chaotic dogs ensnaring my legs I looked up to see it really wasn't that late at all.  The sun was being shut out by a very thick cloud almost directly above me.  What would have stopped me in my tracks, if the dogs hadn't already managed that, was these uncanny rays of light bouncing back up into the sky.  I was awestruck at the time and still am now when I see this picture I snapped with a simple little point and shoot camera.  I have not manipulated this image at all, this is as I saw it.

I got to thinking about the metaphor the World was presenting to me here through that simple little Lens.  I've often heard the saying of someone being 'under a cloud' and this is literally what I saw.  That life giving powerful sun was being deflected by one little cloud.  Light was all around, but not under, the cloud. 

I wonder how many times in my life I've been under a cloud and not realised I only had to take a few steps sideways to get back to the light?


'Tsuki said...

Stunning... Just as if some black sun were shining behind this cloud...

An English Shepherd said...

Thats what you call a cloud !!!


patti said...

Barb, what a magnificent picture. The metaphor of our lives as sometimes feeling like we're under a cloud was impeccable. In those moments of chaos and grief, we must remember that the sun is always shining, we need only to step out of our own way. Namaste, Patti