Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Bee Tree

The graceful remains of what was once a beautiful strong oak tree commands it's own space in the lush vegetation around it. Many may wonder what use is it now? Surely it's dangerous and could fall at a moments notice so why doesn't someone just cut it down?

Ah, but Mother Nature doesn't mind that it is old and bare. While that oak tree may not produce acorns any more it is still a valuable member of the forest as it provides a safe and spacious home for a large colony of bees.

Isn't it interesting that in nature forms change constantly but nothing is ever discarded as useless. I think, too often, we forget we are also part of nature and that the same rules apply to us. We value youth, health and vitality in this society, but some of us forget there has to be balance. For all this doing, there must be 'beeing'. Nature doesn't value one as being more important than the other.

The old declining oak tree hosting vigorous and industrious bees, perfect harmony.


desertsandbeyond said...

I love old trees! I wonder what stories they could share with us?

patti said...

Once again, incredible photos AND incredible narrative............such wise, sage wisdom..i love your comments and observations....your words bring alive the sacred message from your camera's eye....may we all honor the divine place we hold on our journey of life..namaste, patti